Visitor Access

The EntraGuard Titanium is the telephone entry system providing control for visitor access to the first floor Resicence lobby.  Using your designated home or mobile phone, you control who enters the building with the touch of a button. Please contact the Security Officer on duty at (716) 854-1350 to have your telephone number programmed into the system.


·         Telephone Commands

o   Pressing the digit 9 on your phone will temporarily unlock the lobby entry door to allow visitors access to the elevators.  Note:  Once the key is pressed the call will be terminated.

o   Pressing the digit 7 on your phone will terminate the connection to the EntraGuard controller without performing any other function.


Building Access Control System

The Win-Pak Pro access control system provides a central control point to all building access points.  Each resident is issued access cards and/or fobs and will be granted access to the parking garage, basement lobby, residential elevators, stair towers, entry doors from the office lobby, and the first floor Residence entry doors on West Huron Street.  Please report lost or stolen access cards or fobs immediately to the Property Manager at (716) 845-5000 or the Security Officer on duty at (716) 854-1350 for deactivation and replacement.  Please note that there is a replacement fee for lost or stolen cards and fobs.  


Fire Alarm System

The Notifier fire alarm system is an intelligent smoke and fire detection system monitoring all floors at 200 Delaware Avenue. Residents should be familiar with the location of the 3 stair towers for evacuation when directed via the intercom system to do so. Do not use the elevators.  If any occupants of your unit require special assistance, please notify the Security Officer on duty at (716) 854-1350 so the fire department is directed to your unit. 


Freight Elevator

The freight elevator is locked to prevent access to the residential floors.  Please contact the Security Officer on duty (716) 854-1350 to unlock and re-secure the elevator when needed.


Trash Removal

Each floor has a trash chute for disposal of daily rubbish.  Please do not send loose items down the chute; all rubbish should be placed in trash bags that are securely fastened. Do not place cardboard boxes in the trash chute.  If you have large items that will not fit in the trash chute, please contact Uniland maintenance at (716) 834-5000 and they will remove these items for you.  


Each floor has two blue containers for recycling; one for glass or plastic bottles and cans and the other for paper and cardboard.  Please breakdown small cardboard boxes before placing them in the container. Large cardboard boxes can be left on the floor alongside the recycling containers.   To control odors, kindly rinse food containers before recycling.  The recycling containers will be emptied as needed by the maintenance personnel. 



Each resident is assigned a storage area on their floor. The storage areas are secured with a padlock that is keyed to match the front door of that particular resident's unit. Please contact the Property Manager at (716) 834-5000 if your padlock is lost or damaged.    


Fitness Room

The fitness room located on the 15th floor is for the exclusive use of the residents.  Please be courteous to others by sanitizing the equipment after use with supplied towelettes.  Please report any equipment failures or repairs necessary to Uniland maintenance at (716) 834-5000.   As a courtesy to the other residents, please do not leave any personal items or equipment within the fitness room.


Conference Room

The conference room located on the 14th floor is for the exclusive use of the residents.  The room is available on a reservation basis only.  Please be courteous to others and remove all personal items when the room is not in use.  Please visit the Room Manager page for scheduling.  Instructions for using the Room Manager website can be found in the Documents section of this website.



The solarium located on the 16th floor is for the exclusive use of the residents.  The solarium is available on a reservation basis only.  Please be courteous to others and remove all personal items when the room is not in use. After each use, the Solarium should be left so that it is ready for use by the next homeowner. Please visit the Room Manager page for scheduling.  Instructions for using the Room Manager website can be found in the Documents section of this website.  The Solarium Use Policy is also found in the documents section.


Security officers are on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition to security services, the officers may also sign for and hold packages, dry cleaning and large mail deliveries; greet and direct guests, and provide general information regarding building services.



For maintenance, please contact Uniland maintenance at  
(716) 834-5000 or via email at  Emergency maintenance service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Janitorial Service

The common areas of the residential condominium are cleaned daily between the hours of 9 AM 1 pm.   To report any special cleaning needs, please contact the Property Manager.



Underground parking for the residents is reserved and assigned. Please park only in your assigned spaces. If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in an assigned space, please contact the security officer on duty at 
(716) 854-1350.



This website is for informational purposes only. All information should be confirmed with appropriate management authority.
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